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Unlock improvements to quality of life, health, inclusion and investment

Take leadership in tackling emissions and the climate crisis

Open-source resources, technical insights and testimonials from European cities
Designed to help you get smarter and more sustainable… faster

This hub will not give you all the answers. But it will give you:

  • Key elements of the puzzle in a variety of detail – from webinars and in-depth technical deliverables to interviews and video
  • Credible, road-tested actions, developed a mix of universities and research organisations, local authorities, innovation agencies and private expertise
  • 16 targeted solutions, tools and resources to accelerate entire communities to adopt ambitious energy, mobility and ICT initiatives

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Powered by IRIS Smart Cities and its collaboration with over 100 European cities to improve citizens’ quality of life, increase the competitiveness of European cities and industry as well as to reach European energy and climate targets

Why do we need smart and sustainable cities?

Cities consume


of the world’s energy

Cities produce over


of global waste

Cities emit between


of greenhouse gas emissions

Cities account for less


of the Earth’s surface

It’s complicated, interconnected, technical, social and human all at the same time! But cities need to integrate smart technology and sustainability fast. Cities consume a majority of the planet’s resources and generate between 60-80% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Leadership and innovation from cities are needed to change this.
But smart and sustainable cities also make significant improvements to the quality of life, health, inclusion and investment.

IRIS Smart Cities

IRIS smart cities is a European funded project delivering solutions tackling key areas of transition in our cities.

The open-source resources, technical insights and testimonials made available through this showcase website are designed to share our journey and knowledge. We hope it can help inspire and equip others to do the same.

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