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Citizens often feel left out and powerless in the developments and decisions that shape their lives. Allowing people to be informed, involved and co-create helps gain trust and increase implication.

IRIS Smart Cities believes transparency and shared decision-making helps develop more effective solutions and increases potential for long term behaviour change.

What’s in it for me?

Citizens with a sense of ownership and initiative are a powerful force for good. Unlock your local knowledge and insight to help design solutions and spaces that meet real needs.

Be part of the solution & shape your own city

A positive impact on people and the planet

Connect with others and nurture new skills

IRIS Smart Cities initiatives in action

Changing everyday energy use

A set of effective citizen engagement approaches mapped onto each different context to help adoption of smart city solutions and move towards sustainable behavior change

Participatory city modelling

Diverse stakeholder groups brought together using design-thinking approaches to seek the most effective way to tackle often complex problems

Living labs

User-centered, open-innovation spaces to shape social, technical and political innovation and dialogue

Behaviour changing information

Apps and interfaces giving information at identified key touch points where citizens interact with smart city solutions


Urban inspiration

Interviews/Articles/ News

How to design in the public space? Lessons learned on citizen engagement
Young people give input on their neighbourhood through Minecraft
How to create urban systems that are more sustainable and safer for its citizens?


D5.7 Launch of T.T. #5 Activities on Citizen Engagement and motivating feedback (Utrecht)
D6.7 Launch of T.T. #5 Activities on Citizen Engagement and motivating feedback (Nice)
D7.7 Launch of T.T. #5 Activities on Citizen engagement and motivating feedback (Gothenburg)

Academic papers

Astrid C. Mangnus, Joost M. Vervoort, Willem-Jan Renger, Valentina Nakic, Karin T. Rebel, Peter P.J. Driessen, Maarten Hajer, 2021, “Envisioning alternatives in pre-structured urban sustainability transformations: Too late to change the future?”, Cities, 2021, 103466, ISSN 0264-2751

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