Meaningful data when and where it’s needed

A flood of digital data, sensors and IT systems have hit cities over the last decade… with varying degrees of success and impact on services and citizens’ quality of life.

IRIS Smart Cities is part of wave of administrations committed to open, reusable and reliable platforms for sharing data, accelerating innovation, providing citizen-centric applications and lowering costs

What’s in it for me?

Delivered at the right time in the right way, data can transform everything from how cities deploy services to when we leave the house, saving time, money and resources. The principal can be applied equally to managing energy, water, waste, air quality, transport or even home appliances.

Better delivery and more efficient public services

Saving time and money

A marketplace for Innovative new applications and businesses

IRIS Smart Cities initiatives in action

Urban monitoring

Networks of micro sensors collect air quality, noise, water and energy, waste management data and more; processing it to improve living standards and optimise services to citizens

City management and planning

Open data collaboration platforms allow city workers, construction companies, transport providers and more the power to consult, collaborate and plan interventions together, minimising disruptions and reducing costs

Mobility services

A new generation of real time data services integrating multiple modes and opportunities to travel provide a real alternative to the car and promote access over ownership

Energy management

Multiple applications and real time analysis of energy production and consumption from monitoring grid flexibility to smart street lighting systems and visual displays for consumers fighting energy poverty


Urban inspiration

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What smart digital solutions would you like to see in your city?
Take control of the energy consumption with a smart app
IRIS at the forefront of open, reusable and reliable data working to improve city services and citizen’s lives


D5.6 Launch of T.T. #4 activities on CIP and information services (Utrecht)
D6.6 Launch of T.T. #4 activities on City Innovation Platform and information services (Nice)
D7.6 Launch of T.T.# 4 activities on City Innovation Platform and information services (Gothenburg)

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