Future proofing our energy supply

As we use more energy than ever before, our electricity, heating and cooling infrastructure is struggling to keep up – especially at peak hours.

IRIS Smart Cities explores ways to meet needs at reasonable costs with smart energy management systems, new storage techniques and connecting renewables.

What’s in it for me?

A world of wonderful new appliances and electric vehicles is only possible with smarter and more flexible energy management. Replacing major infrastructure is extremely costly – and often passed onto the consumer.

Unlocking new opportunities for renewable energy use

Avoiding power cuts, waste and shortages

Cost savings for utilities and consumers

IRIS Smart Cities initiatives in action

Flexible electricity grid networks

Achieving more…with less! Energy management tools and new storage solutions make installation and use of renewables stress-free and more stable than ever before.

Multi-sourced district heating

Low temperature district heating benefits from excess heat and consumes far less energy than traditional systems. Reduces carbon emissions and integrates well with renewable energy sources.

2nd life batteries

Batteries are reconditioned rather than disposed of. Using them in buildings boosts electricity grid flexibility promoting circular economy solutions with and a low environmental footprint.


Urban inspiration

Interviews/Articles/ News

Solar power in bus batteries cuts peaks and makes the power grid smarter
Second life batteries - from demonstration to business
Second life batteries – from demonstration to business
Geothermal heating and cooling innovations set to power eco-district Nice Méridia


D5.4 Launch of T.T.#2 activities on Smart energy management and storage (Utrecht)
D6.4 Launch of T.T.2 activities on Smart energy management and storage for flexibility (Nice)
D7.4 Launch of T.T. #2 Activities on Smart energy management and storage for flexibility (Gothenburg)

Academic papers

Sougkakis, V., Lymperopoulos, K., Nikolopoulos, N., Margaritis, N., Giourka, P., & Angelakoglou, K. (2020), “An Investigation on the Feasibility of Near-Zero and Positive Energy Communities in the Greek Context.” Smart Cities, 3(2), 362-384.

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