IRIS Gothenburg: Transforming into sustainable neighbourhoods

In Gothenburg, service providers, citizens and administrations work together to overcome urban sustainability challenges through a mix of open data, open innovation and public dialogue.
Our IRIS solutions focus on testing innovative energy management and storage to achieve energy positive districts.

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Featured Solutions

Energy storage in Second-life batteries

Housing association Viva uses 2nd life batteries from electrical buses to store locally produced energy from solar cells on the roof. This reduces the peak power use of the building and creates new value for used resources.

Building without parking spaces offering MaaS

Sharing energy-data in the EnergyCloud

Phase Changing Material for storing cold

The purpose of the PCM Cold Storage connected to the new office building A Working Lab is to reduce the peak cooling power demand in the building and, thereby, to avoid new investments in the cooling machinery and high costs for peak power production.

Minecraft as a tool to involve children in urban development

A smart city needs a City Innovation Platform

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