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Stressful traffic and air pollution caused by transport are urgent issues in urban areas. Congestion costs the European economy over €100 Billion (1% of GDP) a year and 500,000 premature deaths a year associated to poor air quality – almost 16 times more than the number victims of road accidents.

IRIS Smart Cities advocate a well-connected mix of mobility solutions and services. From solar power charged electric vehicles to digital services making choices and connections easy and reliable

What’s in it for me?

Car ownership today can be an expensive burden for many city dwellers with median annual costs estimated at €7500 a year . New ‘Mobility-as-a-Service’ solutions give maximum convenience more sustainable door-to-door options.

Increased flexibility

Reduced expenses

Zero emission mobility and improved urban environment

IRIS Smart Cities initiatives in action

Vehicle-to-Grid and smart solar charging

Accommodating charging needs and energy consumption of a growing number electric vehicles using flexible grid technology and harnessing the power of the sun – even overnight!

Innovative mobility services

Shared vehicles and Mobility-as-a-Service are a real breakthrough, providing a range of genuine alternatives to individual car ownership and a range of attractive and convenient choices for moving around


Urban inspiration

Interviews/Articles/ News

Mobility as a service is tested on Campus Johanneberg
Limiting private parking lots – a step towards more sustainable mobility habits
Utrecht is the winner of the Fully Charged CITIES award 2021
Smart Grid – Smart charging


D5.5 Launch of T.T.#3 activities on Smart e-mobility (Utrecht)
D6.5 Launch of T.T. #3 activities on Smart e-mobility (Nice)
D7.5 Launch of T.T. #3 Activities on Smart e-mobility (Gothenburg)

Academic papers

Paalosmaa, T.; Shafie-khah, M. Feasibility of Innovative Smart Mobility Solutions: A Case Study for Vaasa. World Electr. Veh. J. 2021, 12, 188.

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