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Increased energy demand, fossil fuel depletion and new expectations in sustainability are accelerating the need for renewables and energy positive districts

IRIS Smart Cities are at the forefront of integrating locally produced and consumed renewable energy, with exceptional levels of energy efficiency and reuse

What’s in it for me?

Energy positive districts are part of a shift to a circular economy that respects and reuses precious resources. It comes with significant environmental and business benefits but not only…

Reduced energy use and costs for industry and consumers

Increased home comfort with fewer resources consumed

Better air quality – inside and out

IRIS Smart Cities initiatives in action

Positive energy buildings

Making renewables easier to integrate for everyone provides energy savings, environmental benefits and diversifies our energy sources

Near zero energy retrofit

Decreasing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and improving quality of life with smart grid technologies and easy to control home energy management systems

Symbiotic waste heat network

Using waste heat streams and biofuels as an energy carrier provides environmentally friendly business opportunities and by-products in a circular economy.


Urban inspiration

Interviews/Articles/ News

Inauguration of Brf Viva
IRIS Smart Cities flagship building in Gothenburg continues to accumulate prizes
Installation of photovoltaic panels, first step of a microgrid in IMREDD’s new building


D5.3 Launch of T.T. #1 Activities on Smart renewables and near zero energy district (Utrecht)
D6.3 Launch of T.T.#1 activities on Smart renewables and near zero energy district (Nice)
D7.3 Launch of T.T.#1 activities on Smart renewables and near zero energy district (Gothenburg)

Academic papers

Sougkakis, V., Lymperopoulos, K., Nikolopoulos, N., Margaritis, N., Giourka, P., & Angelakoglou, K. (2020), “An Investigation on the Feasibility of Near-Zero and Positive Energy Communities in the Greek Context.” Smart Cities, 3(2), 362-384.
Lampropoulos, I.; Alskaif, T.; Schram, W.; Bontekoe, E.; Coccato, S.; van Sark, W. Review of Energy in the Built Environment. Smart Cities 2020, 3, 248-288.

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