IRIS Utrecht: Transforming into sustainable neighbourhoods

In the Utrecht district Kanaleneiland-Zuid we combine solar energy, affordable social housing and broad access to electric mobility.
These solutions are developed together with citizens and built on open data to accelerate change

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Creative Transformation

Creative transformation includes designers and their methods in the mix of specialists involved in the energy transition. This creates new methods and strategies to involve citizens. This is of key importance, especially in neighbourhoods where energy transition is not a priority yet. Daily struggles create other senses of urgency for these citizens.

Near zero building transformation

V2G EV charging network

Grid flexibility with energy storage

Renovated buildings in the district Kanaleneiland are equipped with solar panels to produce electricity. Electricity that is not used directly, can be stored in a stationary storage battery, which is installed in a communal area. The battery will provide flexibility services to the electricity grid, and also to the expanding Utrecht Bidirectional Ecosystem with Vehicle to Grid (V2G) enabled charging points and e-cars.

Smart street lighting multi-sensor

Teaching the future

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Project Coordinator IIRIS Smart Cities

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